Date Update
2024-03-01 Very tiny contact page update. I'm on Sheezy now!
2024-02-19 Added profiles for J1MMY, L3AH, and Crystal!
2024-01-19 Added 2024 art, and profiles for the pokemon from my Pokemon universe, Matt, Charlie, and Ula!
2024-01-12 Updated the pixel gallery + sitemap with Things To Come (rainbow webring shenanigans coming soon)
2024-01-01 Added Alto & Ace Trainer's profiles!
2023-12-23 Giant gallery reformat! Had to manually copy/paste the alt text over, apologies for any mistakes!
2023-11-27 Fixed up Kerberos' profile a little, added selfship lore page, and a little bit of backend organization.
2023-11-09 Lots of little updates around the place. Added more art & a clap button on the gallery page, an AI-blocking txt file, redid the 404 page, and joined another webring!
2023-10-21 Welcome to emoalien 2.0! I'm using a different premade layout, made separate light & dark modes based on browser preferences, and I finally got started on the selfshipping & pixel sections of my site! (Updated error page coming soon)
2023-10-13 Gallery has proper thumbnails now! I'm still not 100% satisfied with it, but I'll be focusing on other pages for the time being.
2023-10-06 Gallery no longer has broken images! Also added to webrings section & fixed up backend organization.
2023-09-23 Added the gallery page finally (some pictures are broken, I know), and made some (hopefully invisible) accessibility updates!
2023-09-17 Increased color palette contrast (and updated 88x31 to match)
2023-09-06 Updated the directory, added this updated page (w/ a feed link), and updated the comment widget on the contact page!
2023-07-19 Site established! Just three pages for now (homepage/directory/contact), but i'll be working on the rest of it in the future!